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Assoc. prof. Tadej Debevec, Ph.D.

E-mail: tadej.debevec@fsp.uni-lj.si

Phone: 01-520-77-26

COBISS: Cobiss

SICRIS: Sicris

Room: 11004

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I am an associate professor at the Faculty of SportUniversity of Ljubljana and a senior research associate at “Jozef Stefan” Institute. I received my Ph.D. in 2011 for the work on different altitude/hypoxic & hyperoxic training modalities and their effects on athletic performance. During 2013/2014 I was a Post-doctoral fellow at University of Cape Town, Faculty of Health Sciences Department of Human Biology, UCT/MRC Research Unit for Exercise Science and Sports Medicine.

My research is primarily oriented at investigating physiological adaptations of humans to different environmental stressors in particular oxygen fraction and temperature in health and disease. 

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Recent publications:

DEBEVEC T, NARANG BJ, MANFERDELLI G, & MILLET GP. Premature birth: a neglected consideration for altitude adaptation. Journal of Applied Physiology. (2022).

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  • Altitude training in sport Študijski program - UNI Bachelor’s degree - Sports Training, UNI Bachelor’s degree - Sports Education, UNI Bachelor’s degree - Kinesiology
  • Athlete in extreme environments - UNI Bachelor’s degree - Kinesiology, UNI Bachelor’s degree - Sports Education
  • Bike touring - UNI Bachelor’s degree - Sports Training, UNI Bachelor’s degree - Sports Education, UNI Bachelor’s degree - Kinesiology
  • Mountaineering - UNI Bachelor’s degree - Sports Training, UNI Bachelor’s degree - Sports Education, UNI Bachelor’s degree - Kinesiology
  • Ski touring - Master’s degree - Sports Education