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Fakulteta za šport

Master’s degree university study programmes

Sports Education

A student can continue his/her studies with a direct transfer to the master's degree programme of Sports Education, thus receiving the education necessary for conducting sports education classes in primary and secondary schools and numerous other programmes of sport of children and young people.  



Management in sport

The main goal of the master’s study programme Management in sport is to thoroughly develop skills and abilities of students in the field of management in sport, thus qualifying them for further professional, developmental and research work in this field. The students reveal the art and craft of efficient management of sports organizations and management in sport. The knowledge and skills obtained enable the students to develop their understanding of phenomena in management in general as well as in management in sport, to do research and developmental work in this field and to answer the questions relating to the whole sports organization and its environment as well as the questions within the framework of its functional and other business areas. The graduates will be capable of taking on responsible duties of middle and higher managers in profit-making as well as in non-profit-making sports organizations; of solving different functional (personnel, marketing, financial, etc.) problems occurring in profit-making as well as in non-profit-making sports organizations; of taking up responsible posts in different sports associations, since they will have an insight into the organization of sport as an activity, the connection between sport and economy, legal aspects and frameworks of activity in sport as well as into the connection between sport and politics; of further profound professional and research work in the field of management in sport, as they will have to use and critically assess study literature on management in sport already in the course of their studies and will have to connect the knowledge acquired with present-day concrete problems. The graduates will also gain sufficient knowledge that will enable them to successfully proceed with their academic education at the doctoral programmes in the field of business and sports studies.

Professional title of graduate: Master of Management in Sport (university).

Students can choose between two specializations:

  • Management of sports organizations
  • Management in sport