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Enrolment requirements

Enrolment requirements and selection  criteria in the case of limited enrolment – Kinesiology  

Who can enrol in the university study programme Kinesiology?

  • Anyone who passed the general matura examination,
  • Anyone who completed any four-year secondary school programme before 1 June 1995.

All candidates must pass the test of motor abilities and skills.

If a decision about the limited enrolment is taken, the candidates will be chosen on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Success in the test of motor abilities and skills – 40 % of the points,
  • General performance in the general matura examination or school-leaving examination – 45 % of the points,
  • General performance in the 3rd and 4th years – 15 % of the points.

Documents required:

All candidates must submit a health certificate with a personal health history which should contain data on severe injuries and diseases and on the ability to bear greater psychophysical loads. The health certificate that has to be issued after 3 May 2010 can be issued by a GP. If the GP considers it necessary to obtain a specialist’s opinion, the latter must also be enclosed. The candidates must send the above-mentioned documents to the Faculty of Sport by 4 June 2010.

By 4 June 2010, all candidates must also submit their personal sports educational chart from the secondary school.

Note: The Faculty of Sport will inform all the candidates by post sent to their home address about all the details and dates in connection with the documents and motor abilities test (the first notice in the middle of May, the second in the middle of June).