Fakulteta za šport

Why choosing the Faculty of Sport?

Since it is a faculty with a capital F. The Faculty of Sport is not only a course of study but also a path leading to a sports way of life that will reveal new insights into the world and understanding of a human life. Join us if you are an athlete at heart! We will be pleased to be able to greet you at our Faculty!

Since it is a faculty with the greatest knowledge of sport in Slovenia having a 50-year tradition. It offers a wide range of knowledge from the areas of kinesiology (the science dealing with the human body with respect to movement), physiology, pedagogy, didactics, psychology, sociology, management as well as specific knowledge concerning individual sports that reveal the variety of the phenomenon of sport and its placement in modern society. This knowledge will help you become a critical, creative, open, communicative and free-thinking intellectual.

Since the path leading to knowledge is interesting, exciting, sometimes even adrenalin fuelled! In the course of your studies, you are constantly in contact with the world outside the Faculty walls, thus gaining not only theoretical knowledge but also numerous specific or practical skills that you develop with the help of the best domestic and internationally acknowledged lecturers and experts.

Since new Bologna-type study programmes are carried out that are based on modern contents and teaching approaches, such as interactive and problem-based teaching, individual forms of work, close cooperation with practice and sports profession. We are sure these new programmes will enable you to find a job more quickly.  

Since it offers a creative and stimulative academic environment in which you will be able to establish a more personal relationship with your teachers. Renovated facilities will guarantee a pleasant stay at our Faculty. Since the connection with related faculties throughout Europe make it possible for you to spend a semester studying abroad.

Last but not least, since you make friends for life while studying at the Faculty of Sport.