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Fakulteta za šport

Institute of Kinesiology

Institute of kinesiology

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Bajželj Uršula3101801-520-77-09
Besal Sara1102401-520-77-05
Drobnič Miha
Drole Kristina32001
Golja Petra
Kereži Urška
Križaj Jožef3101801-520-78-41Head of International Office
Lomšek Eva3101801-520-78-40
Majcen Rošker Živa
Meh Kaja1102401-520-77-05
Mikeln Špela1102401-520-77-05
Moškon Sara
Pajek Maja3101601-520-78-39
Paravlić Armin
Pečnikar-Oblak Viktorija32001
Potočnik Žan Luca1102401-520-77-05
Premelč Jerneja1102401-527-07-05
Pruš Daša1101901-520-77-63
Radinović Katjuša3101801-520-77-07
Sorić Maroje1001601-520-78-36
Škrgatić Bano Sandra3101801-520-77-11
Verdel Nina

The Institute of Kinesiology was established in 1972 and represents a central scientific and research unit of the Faculty of Sport. The scientific and research activity can be divided into the professional as well as administrative and financial parts. The professional part is exclusively the domain of the chairs which prepare the projects from the point of view of contents and apply for them in accordance with the calls for projects via the Institute of Kinesiology. The vice-dean for scientific and research activities who heads the Institute of Kinesiology coordinates and directs the activities of the chairs in the scientific and research field. The leadership of the Institute of Kinesiology together with the secretariat provides the appropriate information, administrative and financial services.
The priorities of the Institute of Kinesiology are as follows:

  • Planning and carrying out research programmes, applicative and basic research, target research and developmental projects;
  • Taking care of the quality of scientific and research projects of all kinds and their integration into international research fields;
  • Providing the best possible working conditions for young researchers, accessibility to literature, top scientific methodology and technology;
  • Integration of young researchers into research groups of other faculties and research institutes;
  • Planning and carrying out the PhD study;
  • Leading and managing the information and documentation service necessary for scientific and research work;
  • Publishing the journal Kinesiologia Slovenica;
  • Organizing scientific conferences, congresses, symposia, seminars, etc.



Within the framework of the Institute of Kinesiology, the Faculty of Sport carries out