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Fakulteta za šport


slika bazen z desneBesides the regular pedagogic process at the Faculty of Sport, the indoor swimming pool is also intended for other users for the purposes of recreation and organized practice.

All those who are interested in the use of the swimming pool for:

  • swimming of students within the framework of sports education,
  • outside study activities,
  • swimming of teaching and other staff of the University,slika bazen z leve
  • school swimming,
  • sports days,
  • swimming courses of all types,
  • training of swimmers and 
  • companies and institutions

can obtain information at the Faculty of Sport. Contact the leader of the programmes Simon Kozamernik, telephone +3861/520 77 91slika bazen stavba

The swimming pool offers the organization of:

  • swimming courses,
  • regular sports education lessons,
  • sports days,
  • preparations for school in nature (division into groups),slika bazen pod vodo
  • swimming skills testing

to primary and secondary schools.

The following programmes can be carried out in the 25-metre swimming pool:

  • swimming,
  • sports swimming,
  • 1-metre springboard diving (basic),
  • water polo (basic) pool suitable for sports education,
  • figure (synchronized) swimming,
  • free and autonomous diving,
  • water rescue,
  • speed swimming with flippers,
  • underwater orientation,
  • kayaking (basic) for practising Eskimo Roll,
  • measurements of top athletes.