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Fakulteta za šport

Physical Education – first-cycle academic study programme

First cycle academic study programme in Physical Education

DURATION AND SCOPE: 3 years and 180 ECTS credits



Education of experts in implementing sports and movement programmes for children and adolescents, gaining competences for work in various forms of sports for children and adolescents, and acquiring the knowledge needed to pursue second-cycle studies.


  • understanding general didactics of the sports education process;
  • understanding the field of sports for children and adolescents and school sports;
  • understanding special didactics of individual sports;
  • understanding of managing and evaluating exercise for children and youth;
  • understanding the management of movement and motor skill development;
  • understanding the biopsychosocial characteristics of children and adolescents, as well as of children and adolescents with special needs;
  • understanding sports’ health, physiological, and biomechanical aspects.


Course-specific competences gained in the course of the programme:

  • understanding of anthropological and kinesiological bases of sport;
  • knowledge of health aspects of sport;
  • knowledge of physiological aspects of sport;
  • knowledge of basic biomechanical aspects of sport;
  • knowledge of general didactics of sports educational process;
  • knowledge of biological development of children;
  • knowledge of the basis of work with children and young people with special needs;
  • mastering suitable diagnostic procedures in the professional area;
  • ability to analyse and plan the sports educational process;
  • knowledge of didactics of individual sports that are included in the syllabus for sports education;
  • organizational abilities and knowledge needed to perform school and outside school sports programmes;
  • knowledge of water rescue;
  • ability to work with state-of-the-art teaching technologies in sports education.


EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES AND OPTIONS FOR FURTHER STUDIES: Graduates can work in the field of sports within sports associations, educational institutions (for extracurricular activities), businesses, and private organisations in compliance with the applicable Sports Act. Graduates can continue their studies through the master’s study programme in Physical Education or after completing the bridging module, through the master’s study programme in Kinesiology.