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Fakulteta za šport

Bachelor’s degree university study programmes

Physical Education

Do you consider it your mission to work with children and young people? .... choose the Physical Education programme!

Sportna vzgojaThe study programme is tailor-made for students who would like to work in sports programmes for children and young people. In the course of study, students will gain the state-of-the-art theoretical and practical knowledge that they will need if working in various sports programmes intended for children and young people. They will become experts in the area of outside school activities in primary and secondary schools, other educational institutions and in the private sector. Students can upgrade their studies with a direct transfer to the master’s study programme Physical Education, which will enable them to get qualifications necessary for conducting sports education classes in primary and secondary schools and numerous other sports programmes intended for children and young people.

The study programme lasts for 3 years.




Are you interested in leading programmes of physical preparation, programmes for health, injury prevention, rehabilitation of sports and other injuries? ... choose the Kinesiology programme!

Graduates of the Kinesiology programme will be qualified for leading the programmes of physical preparation in fitness centres and elsewhere. They will also gain knowledge that will enable them to prepare prevention programmes for the protection of the motor apparatus against the commonest injuries and exercise programmes for people who already suffer from problems connected with the motor apparatus and want to take part in the practice. For this reason, they will familiarize themselves with the characteristics of loads and mechanisms that can result in injury as well as with the basics of ergonomics, sports medicine, etc. This study programme can be continued at the master’s level where it is devoted to the particularities of the practice for the elderly and people with special needs and various stable chronic health problems where additional practice can exert influence on improving the current state and decrease the “negative effects”. The student will gain the most recent theoretical and practical knowledge needed for the work in the fitness preparation programmes, programmes in fitness centres, sports and tourism programmes and in prevention health programmes. Graduates can seek employment in spas, rehabilitation centres, numerous sports organizations – sectoral associations, clubs, societies, fitness centres, hotels, in private sector, etc.

The study programme lasts for 3 years.



Sports Training

Do you have leadership qualities, are you self-confident, do you want to feel excitement in competitions, the magic of sports success of your charges? ... choose the Sports Training programme!

The Sports Training study programme is intended for those who would like to work in the field of sport of the young, quality sport, top sport and sport for the disabled. Sports Training involves a systematic pedagogic process, similar to that in Sports Education, the only difference being that the didactic principles, forms and methods of work are much more adapted to a homogeneous group of those exercising (from the point of view of skills, motor abilities, physical characteristics, and particularly from the point of view of motivation). The trainer leads the person who exercises through a long-lasting training process that includes all the levels of a teaching process: planning the work, teaching new contents, consolidation, monitoring, testing, competitions, etc. An important characteristic of a trainer’s work is individualization, since in comparison to a teacher at school, a trainer must adapt his/her work to those exercising to a much greater extent. A student gains the most recent theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for planning, organizing, leading and analysing the training process in top sport at all levels and in the area of the service sector. The graduates can seek employment in clubs, societies, sectoral associations, various sports organizations, private sector, etc.

The study programme lasts for 3 years.