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Fakulteta za šport



The Institute of Sport (hereafter referred to as the Institute) is the only institute of this type in the Republic of Slovenia, whose scope and development of methods and equipment used to be focused primarily on the population that took part in sport. Its plans for the future, however, concentrate on the services in the area of health of the entire population and on economy as well as on the services connected with free time of the children. The Institute also organizes training programmes for professional work in sport and future plans are focused on the preparation of additional programmes for training in other areas and for training of other target groups.


On the basis of laboratory measurements, various effects and influences on the planned loads can be monitored occasionally or through a longer period of time. The loads may be connected with a special training method by individual sports disciplines or provoked by suitable procedures that take place in laboratories. On the basis of the measurement results obtained in laboratories or in the field, graphical presentations can be made and everything together represents a basis for counselling. Consequently, the Department for Measurements and Counselling of the Institute represents a meeting point for science and sport where all people who take part in sport meet. This process demands more and more knowledge and consequently more and more equipment and technology. The laboratories are equipped with technology which can be used to monitor various circumstances that are simulated in laboratories or in real outer environment, which means that the physiology of exertion or the circumstances can be observed from various points of view. In the text that follows, only some services are listed that are more applicative in nature.


In the Laboratory for physiology, work is focused primarily on researching the physiology of exertion in stressful situations of scientific and research work in the physiology of sport, functional testing for the needs of top and quality sport, sports recreation and for the needs of other populations. The laboratory also takes part in various interdisciplinary project connections (in pulmonology, cardiology and biomechanics), it also studies the effects of the methods of training, the reactions of the organism to these methods as well as other various specific loads. The services include load multi-level tests and tests for the assessment of endurance in the field as well as in laboratories. On the other hand, in the Laboratory for kinesiology and Laboratory for biomechanics, the professional work is connected with the services that are represented by measurements necessary to assess kinematic and dynamic parameters. We also study sports motor actions from the point of view of kinematics, kinetics and electromyography. The professional tasks of the Laboratory for psychodiagnostics comprise primarily psychodiagnostic examinations, psychological treatment, psychological counselling and psychotherapy.  In the Laboratory for biodynamics, work primarily concentrates on studying the effects of the training methods and on studying the response of the organism to these methods and various loads. Other laboratories are: Laboratory for motor behaviour, Laboratory for motor control, Laboratory for diagnostics of physical and motor development.