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EUTOPIA Week in Ljubljana

from 2022-11-21 till 2022-11-25


EUTOPIA week, a milestone of the construction of the EUTOPIA Alliance, brings together its key players for a five-day long celebration. The EUTOPIA European University Alliance unites ten European universities aiming to become an open, multicultural, confederated operation of connected campuses by 2025. In the past three years many projects, focusing on education, research and student engagement, were developed and came to fruition. Many more opportunities are to come for students, researchers, EUTOPIA staff and strategic partners across the EUTOPIA Alliance in the upcoming years. We are thrilled this time EUTOPIA Week is happening in Ljubljana from 21 –25 November 2022. Here you will find more information about the program, mandatory online registration and additional information regarding EUTOPIA Week in Ljubljana. There are a limited number of spots available for each event, which is why we advise you to register early. Mark your calendars and join us for a week of engaging educational activities, networking, cultural events and more!

Check out the public event here and register here.