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Fakulteta za šport

Trainimm study

The Trainimm study recruits a cohort of male and female runners who train on all running disciplines (trail, road, track, mountain) and follows their training through an app during one year. During this year, participants will automatically upload their training data, perform a physical test every 2 months and complete questionnaires through the Trainimm app.

At the start of the study, you will complete a questionnaire asking for general information about your training habits You will complete a weekly questionnaire to assess your general levels of fatigue and your injuries You will complete a sleep quality questionnaire on the first Sunday of each month.

The running test:

  • Warm up
  • Low intensity test: 1200 m of low intensity running
  • Test « 36/12 » on a track:
    • 3600 m as fast as possible
    • Rest : 30 min
    • 1200 m as fast as possible

To make your job easier the app will let you know when you have to complete each task, and you will get reminders (which you can turn off) in case you miss one!

In exchange for their efforts, participants will have access to statistics on their training We will listen to participants’ suggestions to give them analyses that they may want There will be regular webinars for the participants, as well as access to content in video and article format, on training, nutrition, recovery, etc.

If you are a road or trail runner, aged 18 or older and you are interested in the study don’t wait any longer, download the Trainimm app and register now!