Fakulteta za šport

Sports Training – basic data about the programme

Type and name of programme:

Master's degree university study programme Sports Training.

Professional title:

Professional title of graduate: Master of Sports Training (university). Abbreviated title: MST.


The study lasts for 4 semesters (2 years) and totals 120 credit points.  

Definition of the basic aims of the programme:

The basic aim of the master’s study programme Sports Training is to qualify an expert to be able to carry out and manage the training process in the area of sports training of the selected sport and solve professional research problems in the area of sport.

General competences gained in the course of the programme:

  • Ability to work in a team and communicate well
  • Flexible use of knowledge in practice
  • Use of general pedagogic strategies of action
  • Knowledge and understanding of developmental principles, differences and needs of an individual
  • Understanding of individual values and value systems
  • Knowledge of ethics and codices of the professional field
  • General organizational abilities
  • Knowledge and understanding of institutional frameworks of work (demands, legislation, documentation needs, legal aspects of work in sport)
  • IT literacy
  • Communication in foreign language