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Dual Careers for Mental Health (DC4MH)

  • Dual Careers for Mental Health (DC4MH)

  • Code Erasmus+: SPORT Collaborative Partnerships
  • Date 01.01.2021 - 31.12.2022
  • Funds provider European Commission Erasmus+ Programme
  • Holder Assoc. prof. Ph.D. Saša Cecić Erpič
AbstractE+ projekt: Dual Careers for Mental Health (DC4MH) Erasmus+: SPORT Collaborative Partnerships Purpose and goal of the project: The main goal of the Dual Careers for Mental Health (DC4MH) project is to optimize mental health services within the European context of dual careers (coordination of top sport and education). As part of the project, we want to develop recommendations for the promotion of mental health, check them and evaluate them. The aim is to develop tools to promote mental health in the context of a dual career. The project will focus on: a) guidelines for mental health structures in the context of dual careers, b) mental health monitoring, c) mental health literacy; and d) strategies for developing psychological resilience and strategies for regulating emotions.