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ELIT-in -Integration of elite athletes into the labour market through the valorization of their transversal competences

  • ELIT-in -Integration of elite athletes into the labour market through the valorization of their transversal competences

  • Code 590520-EPP-1-2017-1-ES-SPO-SCP
  • Date 01.01.2018 - 31.12.2019
  • Funds provider European Commission Erasmus+ Programme: Sport
  • Holder Prof. Ph.D. Mojca Doupona

Title  of Project

ELIT-in -“Integration of elite athlethes into the Labour market through the valorization of their transversal competences”


ELIT-in project starts off from the acknowledgment of a fact that affects very negatively to most of the elite athletes at international level, which is that, due to their exclusive dedication to this task and the early abandonment of formal education, once they have finished their sports career they realize that it is very difficult to find a job with the education received and accredited.Thus, from one day to another, they face a difficult scenario, competing for accessing a job with other more qualified and experienced candidates, except in the case of those privileged who are "placed" in their club, federation or even in some company, but more by recognition to the services rendered than by their professional suitability.However, in order to achieve high performance, these athletes have acquired, trained and improved throughout their careers a series of personal skills and abilities that, undoubtedly, are essential for reaching optimal professional performance and which are highly valued by the labour market. These are known as "transversal competences", “soft skills” or even “life skills”, acquired through an informal learning process. We speak about skills such as teamwork, culture of effort, motivation to achieve goals, effective communication, frustration tolerance, dealing with success and failure, decision making, emotional control, self-esteem, adaptive capacity, flexibility, initiative, control and reduction of stress or time/stress management, among others.In this way, ELIT-in project will be framed in the specific objective of the promotion of dual careers of athletes, being its main aim to work, through an innovative approach, for the recognition of transversal competences acquired by high performance athletes throughout their careers and to put them in value as a differential factor for accessing to the labour market with full guarantees once they retire.


Erasmus+: SPORT Collaborative Partnerships


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Federación Andaluza de Natación

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Sport et Citoyennete 3S

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The International Centre for Sport Security Europe

Greater Manchester Community Basketball

Centro Sportivo Italiano

Fundación del Centenario del Sevilla FC

Researchers in UL Faculty of sport

prof. dr. Mojca Doupona

Duration of project

1. 1. 2018 - 31. 12. 2019

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